June 8-11, 2017Myrtle Beach, SC
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What is ‘cashless’ payment and how does it work?

Cashless payment systems operate in a similar manner to credit cards, debit cards, and transit cards. At CCMF, we will be using high tech, RFID-enabled wristbands that include an embedded electronic chip in the RFID tag that will act as your key to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise at the event.

You will need to activate your wristband, create your account, and add credit to your wristband using a credit card.

To make a purchase, first tap your wristband on an RFID reader located at each vendor stand to open a transaction. Place your order with the vendor staff. To confirm and close the transaction, you will be required to use the same wristband to tap a second time. The order amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

You can use your wristband to pay for all your onsite expenses. You can also pay by credit card or cash.

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What is ‘cashless’ payment and how does it work?

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