June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC

Dave Kennedy

Artist Bio

After years of paying dues everywhere from dives to theaters, Dave Kennedy has descended on Nashville like whirlwind. With a voice big enough to grab your attention and songs great enough to hold it, the singer-songwriter and East Tennessee native has spent years developing his craft both as a performer and prolific writer all around the Southeast, and is determined to take his place among the new wave of Americana and more traditional country music artists. His songs are equal parts heartbreak, redemption, whiskey and truth, which is why he’s quickly becoming a favorite of music fans, songwriters, and artists alike. Dave has spent the last 10 years tirelessly playing and writing in search of the voice and statement he wants to bring to the music he loves. With ear and heart ever faithful to the country traditions and journeys of those who came before him, his ability to connect with an audience through both his words and performance is a testament to both his traditional roots and his soulful voice, which resonates with or without a microphone. He spent much of 2017 touring nationally as opening support for his good friend, Drake White, and is looking forward to recording his first full length solo album this year. No doubt there are great things in store for this talented artist.

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