June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

Jordan Middleton & The Low End

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As a small child, Jordan Middleton would tag along to band practice with his dad, Joe, a singer, songwriter and guitarist. At home, he was saturated with the sounds of “the classics”; Kiss, B.B. King, The Beatles, Steve Earle and The Allman Brothers and loved to listen to music. When he was eight, his dad gave him a small Fender acoustic guitar, in which Jordan showed little interest. Joe was both disappointed and relieved that his son didn’t readily take to the instrument. Joe Middleton’s career as the leader of two regionally successful bands was a jumble of hard won achievement and creative and professional disappointment. Navigating his son toward a music career was perhaps not the best way to utilize Jordan’s love of music. Maybe he’d be best suited as a video producer or sound engineer. Joe pressed the issue with his son, but not too much. Disheartenment, as well as apples, often fall close to the familial tree.

But somewhere between his musical upbringing and the angst and uncertainty of middle school, Jordan Middleton found his musical way. The small Fender guitar of his childhood was traded for a Takemine and Jordan demonstrated a true gift of writing catchy chord progressions. He started crafting original songs; his thoughtful, memorable lyrics found an anchor in the small town Southern roots of Waxhaw NC where he grew up. It took longer for Jordan to find his unique voice, but when he did it was all his; a gruff angelic like alto, raspy and emotional and strong. Gregg Allman would’ve recognized his influence on Jordan and would have given him a nod of approval.

Jordan started playing out regularly and enlisted friends Hal Quincy Rape III (bass) Tommy Hill (guitar) and Aaron Thome (drums) to form the band 12 Mile Creek in high school. 12 Mile Creek developed into two other high school ensembles, Indigo Chief and Redface. Jordan has been a dedicated band leader and his high school friends, in addition to new guitarist Mike Bader, are now his current bandmates in Jordan Middleton and The Low End. The band releases its debut EP January 14, 2018 at The Evening Muse in Charlotte NC.

Jordan’s music is soul searching, steeped in southern charm and rich in story. The five song EP captures a young songwriter on a firm foundation with a group of young exceptionally talented musicians. Songs are built around Jordan’s acoustic guitar, voice, and his penchant to spin a story and engage listeners. Perhaps the most poignant and moving tune on the EP is Jordan’s cover of his dad’s song Mustang Road, a timeless and beautiful coming of age ballad.

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