How do I use my CCMF wristband for onsite festival purchases?

Carolina Country Music Fest offers festival goers a number of different options for how they pay for things while they’re at the fest, including your wristbands! Don’t worry about bringing your cash or wallet with you to the festival’s site, your CCMF Band can act as your credit card for the whole event and every purchase will be a quick scan of the wrist. However, vendors will accept cash and credit card if you’d like.

All you need to do is visit our online registration website or install the “CCMF” mobile application to activate your CCMF Band and connect it to your credit card before you arrive onsite. Look for more details 3-4 weeks from the event date.

Once your credit card is connected to your CCMF Band, you can simply scan in with any vendors located throughout the site and your purchase will automatically be charged to your credit card. You can use your wristband to purchase food, drinks and CCMF merchandise.