Joe Barron

Joe Barron

If you followed Joe Barron back to his hometown of El Paso, Texas today, your first stop would be grandma’s house. There, you’d find a door that was always open, and a stove that was never without a hot meal. The cross breeze from the desert mountains would pick up hints of her famous tacos and chili con queso, teasing you as it meandered down the hallway, past generations of family photos and handed down Spanish guitars –  the same ones that Joe first strummed at 8 years old; the ones he didn’t know, would change his life forever.    

With a full belly and what felt like a new family, you’d head across town to Montrae’s Lounge to meet 17 of his closest friends and family for Micheladas. Not much time would pass before one of them would ask Joe to play “Strangers with Memories”, a breakup ballad that accompanies 4 other songs acquired by Netflix and featured on its hit show, “The Ranch”. You’d try not to be out late, because you’d have a 7 AM tee time with his dad the next day. If it’s one thing the Barron men can never go without, it’s golf. 

You might stop by his mother’s stables to see her horses and take a few laps around the arena. You might even hear about the time he was a 2-sport college athlete and got stepped on during a bull riding accident. I know what you’re thinking – ouch. But it was during those 2 months on crutches that he traded in his gridiron dreams for a guitar. Worth it if you ask him. 

With no shortage of screensaver sunsets or adventure, you’d see why El Paso would be a hard place to leave, and one you’d want to make proud if you did. Well, that’s exactly what happened when Joe Barron landed in Music City in 2017. With several years of West Texas gigging, and a stint in the oil fields behind him, he was no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. A 3-time winner of El Paso’s “Artist of the Year” and having already opened for names like Thompson Square, Parmalee, and Randy Rogers Band before his arrival, Joe had a taste of the big stage and was hungry for more.  

Eager to prove himself, Joe secured prime time residencies at the renown Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Florida Georgia Line music venues, quickly winning over downtown Nashville. His energy, stage presence, and charm were undeniable, but Joe knew his ultimate purpose was to create the hits he so effortlessly delivered. Joe spent the next 3 years sharpening his craft, collaborating with other writers, and carving out his own identity as an artist while continuing to be of the most sought-after Honkey Tonk performers. 

Today, Joe has never been closer to his dream of securing a publishing deal and writing music full time. With his music at the center, an incredible producer able to deliver Joe’s signature country sound – red dirt with a little rock and roll – and a determined manager, there is no shortage of the songs that will take him there. His first single with his new team, “Chainsmoking”, landed him in good company with some of Country’s biggest names on Spotify’s, “New Music Nashville” editorial playlist. Since its release at the beginning of this year, Joe has been invited to open for Jimmie Allen, Tyler Farr, Mitchell TenPenny, and Matt Stell.


His latest single, “Dirt Road Dance” will be available on May 21st. And his first stop before he hits the road this Summer?  You can bet, Grandma’s House.