Paige Williams

Paige Williams

In a culture seemingly driven by instant gratification, music fans appear starved for that next jolt of electricity. Paige Williams is a self-avowed fan of Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. With her vivacious sprit and Californian charm, she’s a legitimate candidate to join the ranks of those who’ve inspired her

Like thousands before her, Paige has fought her way through the music business jungle in pursuit of her dream, often encountering obstacles or unexpected dead ends. Undaunted, she’s used her setbacks and obstacles to her advantage, and using these challenges to fuel her songs. An American and Canadian citizen who grew up in California and spent most of her summers in North Battleford Saskatchewan on her family’s farm- she took an unusual leap—into the heart of one of the most competitive arenas in contemporary society- the music business.

Paige grew up in an environment loaded with temptation. “I was fortunate to have music as my driving passion,” she says. “I stayed out of trouble by being constantly active. I started writing songs, and playing piano when I was very young.

Paige has gone from singing the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Anaheim Ducks to getting her original song, “Welcome to My Life” placed in the independent film, Wake (starring Bijou Phillips and Jane Seymour) and another self-penned tune, “Gone,” placed in May The Best Man Win. Her song, “How Did Our Love Change,” was also featured on a Nickelodeon TV show. She also received award consideration as a nominee for Producers’ Choice in the Best Pop Single at the Los Angeles Music Awards and was a contender in the “Single of the Year” category by the prestigious Indie Singer/Songwriter Association. She also received honorable mention in the 2010 Billboard World Music contest for her original song, “Welcome to My Life.” In February 2015, her single was added to Canadian radio.

Paige has recently finished her California Country EP and finally feels like this is the music she has wanted to sing and write all along. Musically, Paige has created her own version of what country music sounds like and means to her. Paige’s single “Ain’t No Saint” will be released on Canadian radio and digitally distributed Feb 14th 2017 – Valentine’s Day.