June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

10 Reasons You Need To Be At Carolina Country Music Fest!

Hands in the air, ears full of sweet melodies and the roar of the ocean between sets – what’s not to love?! With less than 100 days left until CCMF, it’s time to lockdown those tickets to guarantee you’ll be able to spend 3 days in the warm, summer sand a few feet away from your favorite country music stars! Still need help coming up with an excuse to go? Here are ten reasons you NEED to be at Carolina Country Music Fest this June!

1. The Line-Up
There is something about country music people can just relate to. Had a bad day? There’s a song for that. Had a great day? There’s a song for that too! Now, imagine 3 full days of your favorite country artists in the same place: Eric Church, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Big & Rich, Kellie Pickler, Hunter Hayes, Cole Swindell, Colt Ford, David Nail, Rodney Atkins, Corey Smith, Brooke Eden, Georgia Satellites, Rainey Qualley AND Davisson Brother Band?! Don’t mind if I do!

2. The Zip Line
We’re offering a one-of-a-kind festival opportunity to soar over the country music festival crowd from a Zip Line! Take in a scenic view of the ocean and festival site and race your friends going 40 mph at 50 feet in the air! Country music, the beach and thrills all in one place? How can you say no?

3. The Beach
Really? Do we need to go into detail on this one? Sun. Sand. An ocean breeze. CCMF is the perfect way to fulfill your “Vitamin Sea” quota.

4. The Memories
We’ll take a shot in the dark and bet that some of the best memories you’ve had were at a concert or the beach with friends. At CCMF, you’ll have tons of opportunities to bond with friends as you soak up the sun and enjoy your favorite songs in the ocean breeze.

5. The Live Music
Sure, you could save the $189 for a CCMF ticket for a rainy day and listen to Hunter Hayes in your bedroom at home… alone. But, you know good and well you just can’t beat the thrill of live music. Imagine thousands of people singing along to your favorite song and swaying along in unity – that’s an experience you just can’t put a price tag on.

6. The Health Benefits
Don’t laugh; we’re serious! CCMF is good for you! Live music releases the “happy” chemicals in your body and provides you with that “ahh” moment otherwise known as stress-relief! Not to mention running back and forth between stages, the beach, your hotel room and the bar will really give you a proper workout… just don’t over-indulge at the bar!

7. The Insta-Fame
Festivals are known to be havens for creatives and home to some REALLY “themed” outfits. Beer case hat, anyone? Get insta-famous at CCMF with photo ops with your friends, country stars and the crazy guy with the serious American flag themed getup. Your followers already like the idea!

8. The New Friendships
Whether you decide to brave CCMF alone or with a group of your closet friends from elementary school, we can guarantee you’ll make a few new pals at CCMF. The culture of team spirit will be so strong that making friends will just happen. After a few trips between stages and braving lines for the bathroom you’re sure to experience the absolute joy of an unexpected festival friend reunion.

9. The Team Spirit
Have you been missing that feeling you used to get before the big game in high school? Well, at CCMF there’s the mutual understanding that essentially everyone is there for the same reason. A team spirit you can see and feel in the buzz of excitement with thousands of people moving and singing together. Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

10. The FUN
There just aren’t a lot of words to describe this (just kidding): the music, your friends, the beach, beer, flirting, tanning, being on vacation, meeting people, laughing and just having a flat out good time!

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