June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

Adrenaline Junkies Wanted! Want to soar over CCMF?

CCMF is offering the unique opportunity  to take in a scenic view of the ocean and festival site from a Zipline brought to you by Myrtle Beach Adrenaline Adventures.

Race your friends going 40 mph at 50 feet in the air; this intense rush is for both the experienced thrill seeker and those conquering their fear of heights. Ziplining is a gravity fueled adventure thrill ride. It consists of a trolley suspended on a cable that is mounted between two platforms. The cable is placed 50 feet in the air on an incline which allows gravity to take a person from the launch point to the landing.

Choose from one ride, freeall combo or and all day pass!  A one ride pass on the Festival Zipline can be purchased for only $19.99. Buy tickets here. You must have a 3 Day Festival Pass in order to purchase a Zip Line Pass. Redeem your Zip Line pass inside the Festival at the Top Zipline Tower.

For additional information about Zipline operations go to www.mbziplines.com or check out the FAQs on the CCMF App!

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