June 4-7, 2020Myrtle Beach, SC

Capture the Moment Contest Winner

Everyone remembers the Capture the Moment Contest, right?

Well, we had TONS of entries and the struggle was real when it came to the CCMF team choosing a winner. Our final vote selected Faye Hummell as the winner of a pair of meet and greets, hotel accommodations, a behind-the-scenes, backstage tour and Super VIP ticket upgrades.

Watch Faye’s Christmas morning surprise here.

Once we selected Faye as our Capture the Moment winner, we thought the hard part of our job was over! But, we had a little trouble getting a hold of Faye through YouTube. We weren’t quite sure what to do, so we did a little digging around and found her son, Nick, on Facebook. We messaged him to ask if he would help us get in touch with his mom, and when he responded we thought, why not surprise her and video it again?! Nick quickly agreed to help us with this scheme.

Nick told us that Faye attended CCMF last year and as soon as she left, began dropping hints to her husband that she wanted to go again in 2016. When he surprised her with tickets for Christmas, Faye was absolutely thrilled! Nick told us how much his mom loves country music, especially Tim McGraw, and that she had never won anything in her life. In fact, when she posted her WINNING video to YouTube her husband said, “Honey, you’re not going to win that” to which she responded, “Ha! Well, I’m going to try!”

While Nick might be a little biased, he told us that his momma is the sweetest, most kind woman you ever would meet, and she would do anything for anyone and never expect anything in return. He said, “She grew up on a farm in Islandton, South Carolina – country is all we know – she is going to be so excited. This is going to mean so much to her. She is always doing for others and never asks anyone for anything. She’ll never believe this!”

So, Nick drove over to his mom’s house, called us, started the video recorder and handed her the phone so we could speak to her. It took a little bit to get Faye to believe us – in fact she almost hung up on us thinking we were scammers! After talking to Faye, we knew everything Nick had told us was absolutely true; her excitement was contagious!

Watch Faye’s reaction to her big win here.

Congratulations, Faye Hummell! You and your special guest are going to meet Tim McGraw… your tickets in General Admission are now SUPER VIP… your behind-the-scenes, backstage tour is scheduled and your accommodations are being taken care of by our good friends at VactionMyrtleBeach.com!

We’ve enjoyed you to the moon and back and can’t wait to meet you in person at Carolina Country Music Fest in June!

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