June 8-11, 2023Myrtle Beach, SC


CCMF is officially SOLD OUT! Fastest sell out in history! We are wowed, humbled and so utterly thankful to you, our CCMF family. THANK YOU, CCMFER’S! We can’t wait to see you guys at the beach! Get ready for one hella party on the beach! You’re definitely going to need to take Monday off for this wing ding.

If you don’t have tickets and are looking to buy/sell from a 3rd party, we have some safety tips and an exchange method to help you. Be careful out there – there are some dishonest folks out there and if we find ‘em, we will make them famous on our social channels, so keep watch. If you want to purchase and transfer a ticket(s) to another CCMFer, we’re here to help oversee a safe and secure process. Please follow the safety tips below.

  1. Use our Ticket Authentication form. You will need your information as well as the buyer’s / seller’s information to ensure it’s a safe transfer.
  2. AVOID scalpers on the street or near the festival grounds
    There’s a good chance that those tickets are fake or even stolen. If the price seems too good to be true, it almost always is.
  3. Don’t post pictures of your tickets (wristbands) online
    We love seeing all the photos of your wristbands when you get them in the mail but your tickets and ticket receipts are a different story. We do have a social media photo posting contest for wristbands, just don’t post your RFID numbers on the inside of the wristband in the photos. All it takes is one clear picture of your receipt, and scalpers could forge your hard-earned tickets.
  4. Get personal information (and credibility)
    If you’re buying wristbands from someone, see if you can verify their personal information. Finding them on social media, or seeing their ID may be a good sign that you’re working with someone legitimate and might give you information to use against them if they provide you with a fake ticket or inactive wristband!
  5. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE WHO CLAIMS VERIFICATION OF THEIR TICKETS FROM any impersonating email accounts. All official CCMF emails are sent by an @ccmf.com like info@ccmf.com or transfers@ccmf.com.

Love y’all!

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