June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

#CCMFHints for Alabama Answered!

We know some of you where wondering what the heck we were thinking so here are the answers! Thanks for playing and get those tickets because we are just getting started! This lineup is going to be every bit worthy and THEN SOME for our 5th anniversary!

#CCMFHints 1: Who’s up for a shot of ‘Wild Turkey’?
Answer: A wild turkey is the official state bird of ‘Alabama’

#CCMFHints 2: Would you believe they won first place in a talent show with an old country song?
Answer: ‘Alabama’s’ first performance together was at a high school talent show, where they performed a Merle Haggard song. The group won first prize, and were rewarded tickets to the Grand Ole Opry.

#CCMFHints 3: When this workhorse isn’t playing music they’re looking for a fishing hole.
Answer: Between the guitar and fiddle you would think Jeff Cook from ‘Alabama’ stays pretty busy. Well, ‘Mr. Energy’ has been deemed the “workhorse” of the group AND also plays keyboards, bass and mandolin. In his time off the road and in addition to music, Jeff enjoys coming to Fort Payne to work on electronics projects, go bass fishing, watch TV, and work in his recording studio, Cook Sound Studios.

#CCMFHints 4: This artist won’t let getting robbed stop the music.
Answer: ‘Alabama’s’ Jeff Cook Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease but he says “I’m not giving up.” Jeff Cook, who has revealed he has Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder of the nervous system that causes tremors, rigid muscles and imprecise movement. “This disease robs you of your coordination, your balance, and causes tremors,” Cook wrote. “For me, this has made it extremely frustrating to try and play guitar, fiddle or sing. I’ve tried not to burden anyone with the details of my condition because I do not want the music to stop or the party to end and that won’t change no matter what.”

#CCMFHint 5: Let’s pretend a CCMF Solo Cup and Beer cost $1.10. The beer cost one dollar more than the solo cup. How much do 100 solo cups cost?
Answer: A beer and cup is $1.10. A beer is $1 more than the cup. This means the beer is $1.05 and the cup is $0.05. $1.05 is $1.00 more than $0.05. 100 x $0.05 = $5.00. The answer is to the clue is “5”

#CCMFHints 6: Add a zero (0) to the end of your answer from hint #5. How do hints #5 and #6 relate with CCMF and this artist?
Answer: 50 for Alabama’s 50th Anniversary! Relation is 5th anniversary of CCMF and Alabama’s 50th anniversary in 2019!

#CCMFHints 7: Those seven summers at the beach.
Answer: Myrtle Beach is ‘Alabama’s’ favorite place because they remember those seven summers playing at the Bowery for tips to get their start!

Thanks for playing #CCMFHints!

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