June 6-9, 2024Myrtle Beach, SC

Celebrating Our IEBA Nomination!

Celebrating Our Nomination

We are thrilled to share an exhilarating piece of news with the heartbeat of our event – our CCMF’ers. We’ve been nominated for the IEBA Festival of the Year! Our name sits next to a list of nominees alongside some of the most well-known festivals in the entertainment industry. This stands as a solid recognition of the commitment and energy that define what we’ve built together.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the reputable organization that has turned its spotlight on us – the International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA).

The International Entertainment Buyers Association represents an industry beacon for those who live and breathe live entertainment. It is a non-profit organization that brings together professionals from across the globe who are committed to the business of live shows, festivals, and events. IEBA is a community where partnerships are formed, and the future of live entertainment is shaped through the exchange of ideas and recognition of achievement.

To be nominated by such a significant organization in the entertainment industry is not only an honor, it’s a validation of our festival’s impact and the experience we deliver for every country music fan. This nomination is an acknowledgment from international entertainment professionals that we’ve created something extraordinary – a festival that resonates not just within the parameters of our Myrtle Beach community or genre but also makes waves in the vastness of international entertainment.

And who do we owe this incredible honor to? None other than you, our CCMF fam. Each cheer, each dance move, each shared moment that made memories, has formed our festival into what it is today. Your enthusiasm has fueled our lineup choices, your loyalty has turned yearly events into timeless traditions, and your love for the festival has built a community that extends far beyond the days we spend together. You are not just attendees, you are the architects of this success and the energy that propels us forward.

So to our CCMF fam, we want to say thanks. You’re the bedrock of this festival. Thanks for sticking with us, and for making this event more than just a concert, but an incredible experience.

We look forward to making more unforgettable memories with you!

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