June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

The Ultimate CCMF Souvenir!

Autumn and Angel met at a gym that Autumn worked at and Angel was a member of. Angel asked a friend and co-worker of his that was also in the gym with them about her. After jokingly being told he didn’t have a chance by his friend, Angel made the move and talked to her.

Over the course of the next few weeks, he kept making her laugh when he talked to her. He never gave up because he knew that if she decided to give him the chance, he would make sure that she would never regret it.

Angel promised himself that every morning, he would do his best to make sure that Autumn started her day with a laugh. After two years of dating, he still wakes up every morning to keep that promise, except now, he precedes it with a “Good morning, I love you” text.

“Country music changed my life growing up for the better…and I want to make sure that it changes her life for the better too. She doesn’t know I bought the tickets, so why not do this in a place with great music, great people, and great beer.” – Angel Avila

Angel emailed into Carolina Country Music Fest with the request to surprise his gal with a proposal in front of 30,000 CCMF fans. You know what we said, right? And surprise her we did! She thought she won a backstage tour with Big Sexy… and the rest, is history.

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