June 4-7, 2020Myrtle Beach, SC

Contest Alert!

The #CCMFHints have returned for this artist! Do you think you know who it is? Well, get ready! These hints won’t be easy, but we believe in you! Here’s just a few reminders about how the hints go down:

  1. You can still participate if you’ve won with us this year, but you won’t win. We want to give everyone a fair shot at winning tickets this year!
  2. The hints for this artist will only be on our Twitter, Facebook page, and Facebook event page under the “Contest Alert” post!
  3. In order for your guess to count, you must wait for the first hint to be posted. We look under each hint so make sure your guesses are under the hints!
  4. When we choose a winner for our #CCMFHints, we choose by who we see guesses correctly, NOT first
  5. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win! We have more contests coming!

DON’T FORGET! The boss has extended the cut off date for our Spring Sale pricing to Sunday, March 31 at 11:59PM! Payment plans end Sunday, March 31. SuperVIP and Main Stage VIP are almost sold out so don’t wait! Get your tickets now at www.ccmf.com.

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