June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

hotel BLUE Resort: Home to One of the Best Swim-Up Bars in the US

Lots of hotels in Myrtle Beach have pools. Some have a bar at, or even in, the pool. But there’s only one spot on the strip which can proudly say it’s home to “One of the Best Swim-Up Bars in the U.S.” awarded by ABC News. This beautiful getaway is the ultimate destination for those of you who love to lounge by the pool when you’re not rocking out at the fest. And if you’re looking for something a little more low-key, enjoy some time in the whirlpool, or take a few laps around the lazy river. Then, when it’s time to grab a bite (or another drink), check out Proximity, 8 South, or Cafe Blue; all located on site for your enjoyment! Or had over to the Loco Gecko Beach Shak, just a block away! On top of that, the festival is only 1.2 miles away, ensuring you can easily get to the fun!

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