June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC

In Loving Memory of Jordan Schuman

The year was 2015… FIRST. CCMF. EVER. We made a lot of new friends that year, but none of those friends impacted us quite like Jordan Schuman – a darling WPDE reporter that was as new to the world of news as CCMF were to the shores of Myrtle Beach. Together, we made magic happen that year. Her first break came in the form of an interview on John Rich’s bus! As if that experience wasn’t enough for her first weekend on the job, we enlisted Jordan to help us surprise Savannah, the inspiration for one of CCMF’s local non-profit partners – Savannah’s Playground. So, now you’re asking yourself what was Savannah’s surprise and how did we put Jordan to work. CCMF was making Savannah’s wish come true, and we needed Jordan to deliver the news that Savannah was chosen for a private meet and greet on Hunter Hayes’ bus where they would share a duet. The only catch? We had mere minutes to put all the pieces in place. Panic crossed Jordan’s face for a flicker before she marched across the festival nearly running (high heels, perfect sundress and all). Once we met Savannah and her family, Jordan delivered the news. After a brief cry by all of us, we made our way to Hunter Hayes’ tour bus, Jordan still in tow. Like the true professional she was, it was perfect –  like she’d rehearsed for days. Not until later did Jordan finally look over at us and squeal. She told us that it was her first weekend on the job and the Hunter Hayes piece was her first BIG story. She was in disbelief that she got to cover this story. We fell in love with Jordan that year. In the same year, Jordan was tragically killed in an automobile accident. Every year since, when CCMF rolls around, we think of Jordan and the undeniable mark she made on CCMF. The undeniable mark she made on our hearts. That story wouldn’t have been the same without Jordan. CCMF isn’t the same without Jordan. So to you, Jordan, we say, you will forever be a part of CCMF and the CCMF family. We think of you often, and keep your family in our thoughts and prayers. With love always, the CCMF team.

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