June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

Let’s Make Theme Night Great Again!

Hey y’all! U.S. of A.. Day is almost here! In case you didn’t know, Friday, June 8 is our patriotic theme night – bring all the RED, WHITE and BLUE! It’s going to be an exciting day! Y’all have an outfit picked out or what? Don’t wait ‘til the last minute – we’ll be able to tell! 🙂 In case y’all didn’t know, we are going to be searching the crowds for the most patriotic folks out there! You could win a meet and greet with one of our artists, prize packs, upgrades and more! Y’all excited now?

You can’t ever go wrong with our CCMF merch – our new line coming out at the fest is a must have! We’ve put together a few things for y’all in case y’all can’t decide on what to wear! We’ve met with a couple people to see what they’re planning on wearing and they have some AWESOME ideas for y’all! We are talking red, white, and blue HEAD TO TOE! Face makeup, jewelry, nail polish, hair dye, bandanas – get creative!

One girl showed us her DIY “mom shorts.” She went to Goodwill and turned a pair of jeans into super cute shorts just for Friday! Check it out here.

Obviously, cowboy boots are a must, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up! One person we talked to said they’re wearing American flag Converse – cute, right?! Ladies, y’all could get that “Footloose” vibe goin’ with the red boots and daisy dukes with a white tank top.

We want this night to be memorable for you and Toby, so let’s make it count! Go big or go home! Check out some of the ideas that we put together to help get y’all inspired. We’re so excited to see you guys – use the photo booth in our app to show us whatcha got! See ya at the beach, babes!

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