June 8-11, 2023Myrtle Beach, SC


With our Main Stage VIP tickets being sold out and Super VIP and GA tickets available, that brings scammers. It’s sad that there are folks out there that are dishonest and if we find them, we will put them on blast. If you’re buying Super VIP or GA tickets, the safest way is to buy from us directly at www.CCMF.com. If you want to purchase a ticket(s) from another ticket owner, please follow the safety tips below.

  1. Use our Ticket Authentication form. You will need your information as well as the buyer’s / seller’s information to ensure it’s a safe transfer.
  2. Make sure that you only buy tickets from a trusted and reliable source
    * The only authorized seller of official Carolina Country Music Fest tickets is:

    1. The official CCMF ticket purchasing website – Main Stage VIP IS SOLD OUT! Only Super VIP and GA are left!  
      *Consider that tickets advertised on any other source such as auction sites, social media and fan forums may be fake or non-existent, however authentic the seller may seem and even if they’re advertised at or above face value.
  3. Get personal information (and credibility)
    If you’re buying wristbands from someone, see if you can verify their personal information. Finding them on social media or seeing their ID may be a good sign that you’re working with someone legitimate and might give you information to use against them if they provide you with a fake ticket or inactive wristband!
  4. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE WHO CLAIMS VERIFICATION OF THEIR TICKETS FROM any impersonating email accounts. All official CCMF emails are sent by an @ccmf.com like info@ccmf.com or transfers@ccmf.com.

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