Sept. 17-20, 2020Myrtle Beach, SC

Make Your Own CCMF Mom Shorts

A fan shared her “DIY Mom Shorts” for U.S. of A. Day with us and we thought it was TOO cute not to share with y’all! Here’s how she did it for less than $20 and how YOU can, too!

“First, don’t start cutting your favorite pair jeans to do this. Find a nearby Goodwill, get some inexpensive jeans, and you’re ready to roll! Seriously, their jeans are like $5! Don’t worry if they look ridiculous and a little baggy because you’re cutting that part off. Make sure they fit comfortably around your waist and you’re on to the next step!

Let’s talk accessories! I did this how I wanted but, feel free to let your creative side come out. You can go to Walmart or any arts and craft store for this part. Find anything and everything you can that screams, “USA!!” For me, I chose red, white, and blue bandanas and some iron-on patches. Go crazy with this – add glitter, fabric paint, patches, bandanas, etc.

Now, let’s make the shorts! You might need help with this part. Put your jeans on and get a pen. Mark a line on both thighs (get help so they’re somewhat even). You’re going to be rolling your shorts so MAKE SURE you don’t make the line too high! You can take them off when you finish the lines – lay them on a flat surface to ensure they are relatively even lines.

Cut along the lines – once again, be careful! After the jeans are cut, put them back on. Start rolling each leg to your desired length. Look in the mirror or have a friend help to make sure you rolled them evenly. Lastly, take your shorts off and sew the sides so they don’t unroll when you’re livin’ it up on Friday!

So, now you have your shorts. As you’re making them all pretty for Toby, don’t make anything permanent until you know everything is how you want it – I made this mistake too many times! Get crazy with your accessories to have all the heads turning at CCMF! Who knows, this could be how you win a meet and greet with Toby Keith!”

We can’t wait to see y’all at the beach!

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