June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC

Mark “Oz” Geist at CCMF 2019!

As some of you might recall, we were more than fortunate to have one of this great nation’s amazing heroes as a special guest on Friday of this year’s festival! 

Mark Geist, a United States Marine Corps veteran, survivor of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and co-author of the book 13 Hours, was graciously greeted by a sea of star-spangled, red-white-and-blue blooded CCMFer’s.

Saturday night, Geist was the recipient of Rone, a special K9 trained by Baden K9 and presented to Mark by the amazing people at S.O.W.W., or Special Operations Wounded Warriors. Rone was named after Tyrone “Rone” Woods, who unfortunately lost his life bravely fighting alongside Geist in Benghazi. 

Geist, along with his wife, is the founder of the Shadow Warriors Project, which focuses on helping security contractors and their families in case of an injury. He has joined up with S.O.W.W. to help those dealing with PTSD and other injuries, both seen and unseen. 

To read more about this, as well as information about all of the organizations involved, click this link: https://wpde.com/news/local/benghazi-hero-awarded-new-k9-at-ccmf
If you missed out on the action, click here to see the video of Geist’s presentation!

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