June 4-7, 2020Myrtle Beach, SC

Mitchell Tenpenny at CCMF 2020!

Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee, his Platinum certified #1 single ‘Drunk Me” earned him the 2019 New Male Artist nomination for the ACM awards. He is one of country’s must see artists of 2019! Make sure you catch Mitchell Tenpenny on our Coors Light Main Stage for CCMF 2020! Get your tickets now at ccmf.com – payment plans available.


A “unicorn” in the country music industry

Born and raised in Nashville which is rare.

Jumpman 23.

Is a huge Jordan shoes fan and wears them all the time.

Abraham Lincoln.

He’s on the penny – Tenpenny.

Ten cents and a penny.


Show of hands. Who doesn’t deal with bitches no more?

His song, Bitches.

Alcohol makes you do dumb things like, call your ex when you said it was the last time the last time you called…

Meant nothing.

These hints make us sound like alcoholics.

Meant nothing.

What’s y’alls favorite beer?

Meant nothing.

“I would choose country life over city life any day.”

Meant nothing.

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