June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC


We’re announcing a new artist every Friday in November – stay tuned! Check out these interesting facts we thought y’all would want to know about these groovy dudes! We’re so excited to have these guys come back to party with us for our 5th Anniversary! Please welcome, FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE!

1. #CCMFHints 1: Our prayers have been answered.
• Tyler and Brian developed their passion for music through church worship. They later met in college, thanks to their roommates, and have been friends ever since!
2. #CCMFHints 2: A man’s best friend.
• Brian Kelley and his wife have 5 of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen!
3. #CCMFHints 3: Chevy, Ford, or Toyota?
• They love Chevy! When they filmed, “Cruise”, they were given two Chevy Silverados. Perks of the trade, right?
4. #CCMFHints 4: Thank the Lord for the 80s!
• They were both born in the 80s! Tyler in, 1987 and Brian in, 1985.
5. #CCMFHints 5: Denim on Denim on Denim.
• Brian and his wife, Brittney, created a clothing line called, Tribe Kelley. They’re all about some denim, but there’s so much more! For all of our little hippies out there, this is the place for you!
6. #CCMFHints 6: Singin’ is always better in the shower.
• Remember their song with The Backstreet Boys? Before their performance at the ACM’s, they all got together and practiced their performance with the Backstreet Boys in the shower. Apparently, everything is better in the shower!
7. #CCMFHints 7: Children of the Corn.
• In Georgia, there’s a corn maze of their faces that was made for them. I mean, can we get one, too? How cool!
8. #CCMFHints 8: Just Peachy.
• When they were coming up with names to go by, one idea was Orange Peach. It’s crazy to think we could be listening to, “Orange Peach” on the radio right now. Haha!
9. #CCMFHints 9: Who knows how to do yoga? We need to practice up!
• They enjoy doing yoga with their wives. Goals or what?
10. #CCMFHints 10: They are part of the CCMF family.
• They performed as a headliner for CCMF back in 2016! Were you there?

There ya have it! Now we know Florida Georgia Line is the grooviest out there! We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces in June for the 5th Annual CCMF! Get your tickets now at www.CCMF.com.

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