June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC


Ya know. Things are going to happen at the Carolina Country Music Fest. Good things. You’re going to have the time of your life. Memories made that will last a lifetime. The sun, the beach, the music, the food, the frozen cocktails, that random stranger that handed you a meet and greet with your favorite artist while you were in line for a beer, that time someone tapped your shoulder and said “wanna come see a private show backstage with Dustin Lynch or Randy Houser?” – yes, we said that right. Or maybe you’re one of the 100s we move from GA to Main Stage VIP throughout the weekend!

So, here’s how it goes – You never know who you’re talking to – it could be a new friend in the crowd beside you, the bartender, an actual artist in disguise, our social media team, the lady in front of you at the restrooms, a security officer, the customer service rep at will call – you never know. Maybe you’re just having a casual conversation or maybe you were kind to a stranger and BAM, you’re handed an envelope for a meet and greet with one of our CCMF artists. You could also win access to private shows with our CCMF artists – not to mention other prizes from our sponsors that are all about BEING KIND! The boss approved us to give away 300 Meet and Greets. Odds of winning are roughly 1 in 100! That doesn’t count the other prizes and experiences. It pays to be kind.

You see, you have the power to make this best festival experience you’ve ever had. We’re going to do our part – you know we got nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE for our CCMFer’s but it can start with you before you even walk in the gates. How, do you ask? Get happy, be happy, don’t let anyone steal your joy (because someone might step on your toe or when Dierks Bentley walks into the crowd, he might not hold your hand just quite long enough) and get all those positive vibes going and flowing. Shrug off the small stuff and focus on the good stuff. You attract more of what you focus on. So, let’s focus on a good time! #CCMFBeKind

All the ways you could be spotted:

  • Smiling : )
  • Caught being kind
  • Post your location at the festival every day and often with your sweet smiles and tell us who you would love to meet using #CCMFBeKind and tag us on all our social pages. Remember, if you’re private, we might not be able to see your posts.
  • Sporting positive vibes (Whatever that means to you. Example: apparel, temp tattoo, funky hair, outfits, etc.)

A note from the Boss: ‘On behalf of myself and all the CCMF staff, we can’t wait to party with you in Myrtle Beach. Our goal is for people to have a good time and come back year after year. To kick start the #CCMFBeKind movement, I am giving away over 300 meet and greets. We’re all here for a good time but we can also show people what ‘country kind’ is and leave our mark on Myrtle Beach. I’ve planted CCMF Day Makers all over the event. You’re going to be having a beer with a stranger and next thing you know you might be meeting one of our CCMF artists. I’m excited to give these once-in-a-lifetime experiences to the CCMF fans.’ – Bob Durkin

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