June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC


Eric Church and Luke Combs, on one beach. MIC. DROP! 

Please welcome, the one, the only, the Chief! ERIC CHURCH! 

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Eric Church picked up on golf in high school because he found out he was able to skip classes if he played.

Sometimes you got to raise a little hell.
He was fired for playing too loud and too long when he was opening up for Rascal Flatts back in 2006. Things went well for him after that – obviously.

What’s that one song that takes you back to one of the best times of your life?
His song, Springsteen, is about a concert he went with a girl when he was younger. It was the soundtrack to the girl.

Sticks and stones.
He has a song called, Kill a Word. It talks about him wanting to get rid of all the hateful words in the world.

Get those bottles of beer in stock, ladies!
He thinks the sexiest drink a woman can order in a bar is…
“Beer. [But it] has to be in a bottle.”

Black and Yellow.
He went to App State in Boone, NC.

Way too many Indians and not enough…
The nickname “Chief” comes from his maternal grandfather who was also nicknamed Chief.

Favorite town in the Carolinas?
Eric Church’s son is named, Boone.

Talk about putting Taylor Swift on the map!
In 2006, when Church was fired from a Rascal Flatts tour for repeatedly defying their rules for opening acts, the group chose a young artist named Taylor Swift to replace Church on the tour. Swift called Church shortly after she landed the tour. “I joked with her, ‘This is your crowd; they’re going to love you. You’re going to owe me your first gold record,'” Church told the Arizona Daily Star in 2011. “I was kidding, but when she got her first gold record she gave me one. It came with a note: ‘Thanks for playing too long and too loud on the Flatts tour. I sincerely appreciate it, Taylor.'”

Marketing at its finest.
Eric Church has a marketing degree.


Here’s some things that didn’t mean a thing!

She’s as pretty as a peach!

City Lights Got Nothin’ on Country Nights 

We don’t have an accent. Y’all do! 

Gotta have a fiddle in the band. 

I’ve known some painted ladies that sparkled in the light.

Butter My butt and Call Me A Biscuit

Walking in High Cotton.

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