June 4-7, 2020Myrtle Beach, SC

Welcome Back to the Stage, Big & Rich!

As you may remember, Big & Rich rocked the Carolina Country stage during our 1st annual festival back in 2015. Carolina Country fans loved their performance so much, that we decided that we had to get them back to the sands of Myrtle Beach one more time!

Big & Rich are no strangers to the country music world. With hits like, “Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy),” “8th of November,” “Lost in This Moment,” and “That’s Why I Pray,” they are sure to be a great time! The duo is also set to release their sixth studio album later this year. Maybe we’ll get to hear some new music in June. Oh! Let us not forget how John Rich said that Carolina Country was his idea!

If you missed your chance to watch their electrifying performance the first time, now’s your chance to see greatness happening right in front your eyes. If you were present in the crowd last time, prepare yourself for round two!

If you haven’t bought your ticket already, buy it now! The lineup for Carolina Country 2017 is only going to get better. Buy your tickets here!

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