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Okay CCMF’ers, we need your help! We have ten deserving vets who will be joining a special artist on stage Friday night at CCMF for special recognition. Plus, earlier that day around 5ish, these Veterans will receive a DAV Victories for Veterans Award. We partnered with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), who helped us select this special group of heroes, and we want your help honoring them on the Coors Light Main Stage! Quick tip, bring some tissues!

Will you stand up and cheer these ladies and gentlemen on and let them know how much we appreciate the service and sacrifices they have made for our country with us?  Also, don’t forget to wear your red, white and blue for U. S. of A. Day at CCMF! We’re giving away cool prizes for the most patriotic fans!

In honor of their service, CCMF and Visit Myrtle Beach partnered together to provide VIP tickets, hospitality, gift bags and accommodations to these vets of honor. Each vet has a great story to share, and we are grateful we can use our platform to ensure America’s veterans and their sacrifices are not forgotten.




As a first sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC, Mazyck suffered a life changing injury that damaged her spinal cord. The initial prognosis was paralysis from the waist down due to severe damage to two separate vertebrae. She was told she would never walk again. Mazyck was determined to prove the doctors wrong. Her son Tristen challenged her to push the limits and do the unimaginable. After vigorous rehabilitation, she went back to school and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the University of South Carolina.



When Gardner first met with the polytrauma team they said she would never run, swim, bike, bathe or live alone. With a lot of rehab and support, as well as an amazing service dog named Moxie, not only does she now do all of those things, but she has also earned a new Bachelor’s Degree through the GI Bill and is an Assistant Captain of the US Women’s Para Ice Hockey Team. They have been the reigning world champions since 2014 and are headed to the Czech Republic in May to defend their title. She’s also now a two-time National Champion and record holder in F57 class for shot put and two-time national champion in discus. She competes at nationals in June in Phoenix for a spot on Team USA. She also started running about a year ago and last year ran six 5Ks as well as a 4-miler on Thanksgiving.



During his time in service, Spann sustained shrapnel to the back of his head after his unarmored Humvee was struck by an improvised explosive device. After Spann took off his uniform, he pushed his past behind him—including painful memories of the Marines he deployed with who did not return—and buried himself in work and school, a practice he thinks is all too common for veterans. He finally realized he had to face his past and got the help he needed including an official diagnosis of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) as well as PTSD.

He says, “For many years I battled accepting that I suffered from PTSD. The biggest challenge for me was knowing that’s there’s nothing broken inside of me. It’s just what has happened to me. There’s a stigma that’s associated with it, with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the disorder part. For me, it should be Post Traumatic Growth because we can all grow from these experiences and excel in life and have a good life.”



Marchioni served in the Marines for four years including a tour in Iraq. His work ethic and passion was a natural fit for the military and he promoted to sergeant in less than three years. During his role of setting up infrastructure in new areas, he suffered many service-connected injuries. While he loved his time spent serving his country, he couldn’t wait to return home to his family.

He says, “My greatest victory will always be my family. To put my life on hold for the greater good of this nation and come back is a blessing. So, my family will always be my victory.”



Hassinger spent five years in the Marines, with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his third deployment, he was wounded in action when he was shot in the chest five times. For his heroic actions during service, Hassinger received many awards including Silver Star and Purple Heart medals.

When Hassinger returned home from service, he struggled to adjust back into civilian life. He had trouble maintaining relationships and securing employment. After struggling to get his medical claim answered by the VA, he turned to DAV for assistance.  DAV was able to step in and help him file his VA claims appropriately as well as provided him with an explanation of what to expect with the claims process.

Hassinger later took a job as a DAV National Service Officer, which allows him to help other veterans every day with their claims processing.



Marley returned home from war to no great fanfare. Having been in the Vietnam War, a stigma followed him, making him unemployable.  In addition, Julius sustained injuries to his back and his knees while serving as a jet engine mechanic. He also experienced PTSD, which was, at that time, not well understood.

Little did Marley know that he would experience even greater difficulties ahead when his home was greatly damaged from a tornado. He was just recovering from a knee surgery from an injury he received during his time in service and found himself immobile and with a home that was uninhabitable. He was introduced to DAV who helped him get back on his feet and get his home in order.

He is now dedicated to helping give back to other veterans. He has served as a DAV chapter commander and as a volunteer driver, taking veterans to and from medical appointments.


Haven’t purchased your tickets yet? Be sure to help fuel DAV’s mission of service to veterans, their families and survivors by typing DAV2018 in the promo code box when you purchase your tickets. A portion of ticket sales purchased using the code will be donated to DAV.

We can’t wait to celebrate these vets on with you at the beach! GOD BLESS THE USA!

Thank You For A Great Weekend!

Thank You For A Great Weekend!

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