June 8-11, 2023Myrtle Beach, SC


WRISTBAND UPDATE! We know some of you guys are having trouble registering your wristbands and we want zero stress CCMFer’s so we are now PRE-ACTIVATING ALL CCMF Wristbands!

You no longer need to activate your wristbands to get in the gates this year.

If you still want to sync your wristband up to your credit card, you can do that right here: cashless.roninpos.app/events/ccmf-2022.

When you create your cashless account, you’ll create a 4 digit unique pin.

Once on site when you make your first wristband transaction, you will type in your phone number and then going forward for the weekend you’ll only need to enter your 4 digit pin when you swipe your wristband to make purchases.

CCMF also takes cash, credit card and Apple Pay.

We can’t wait to see you guys!

Have more questions? Email us at info@ccmf.com.

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