June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC

Zac Brown Band Clues Answered! #CCMFHints

Just how hard is it to win a pair of ticket to Carolina Country Music Fest? Here are the answers to the hints we gave out for your chances to win. Stay tuned darlings. The entire month of November is going to be a month to remember!

  1. #CCMFHints 1: I’m lovin’ it. (Hint: Zac Brown worked at McDonald’s in college.) 
  2. #CCMFHints 2: Honey, just lay right down here on this white couch and tell me how you’re feelin’. (Hint: Zac Brown was also a camp counselor at Camp Mikell in Toccoa, Georgia, and Camp Glisson, a United Methodist summer camp and retreat center located in Dahlonega, Georgia.)
  3. #CCMFHints 3: Rock me baby like a _____ ________. (Hint: Wagon Wheel. Okay, okay, we realize we butchered Darius Rucker’s lyrics a bit (WE LOVE YOU, DARIUS!) – Wagon Wheel was a clue because ZB learned how to cook from working at Wagon Wheel.)
  4. #CCMFHints 4: So you think you can cook, uh? (Hint: Brown learned how to cook from working at Wagon Wheel and McDonald’s. He was previously the owner and executive chef at “Zac’s Place,” a restaurant in Eatonton, GA.)
  5. #CCMFHints 5: 15, 25, 1 (Answer, 15 number one hits, (Hint: 15 #1 hits, 25 million sales, No. 1 Country album and fifth consecutive top ten on the Billboard 200.)
  6. #CCMFHints 6: acht (Hint: German for eight – a clue for eight-band members)
  7. #CCMFHints 7: Their creative skills don’t end with music. (Hint: Worked as an apprentice for a jeweler and in his spare time, Zac Brown boasts a slew of other side projects that he maintains based around the “Southern Ground” concept. Under that umbrella, he has a record label, music and food festival, bar, amphitheater, cooking venture, and various craft stores.)


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