June 6-9, 2019Myrtle Beach, SC

CCMF Battle of the Bands

Voting for the 2019 CCMF Battle of the Bands has officially opened!

So how does this work?

Bands have been broken up into 3 regions (Raleigh, Charlotte, and Myrtle Beach), each with 10 bands. Your votes will determine who makes it to the next round of live performances! Can’t decide on who’s your favorite? No problem! You have 3 votes, per region, per email address; pick your top 3 and give each a vote. Really love one band? Give them all three of your votes! Use the voting form at the bottom of each region section to get started! Voting will be open through April 26th so be sure to cast your vote today!
We will be announcing our 3 finalists, and live performance dates on April 29th.



Myrtle Beach

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