June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

Wristband Registration


(It will lock instantly and you won’t be able to remove it.)

Are we too late?!?
Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! If you’ve accidentally put on your wristband, you can pick up a replacement wristband at Will Call before the festival. Just be sure to bring you ID and $10 per wristband to cover the replacement fee. Your old wristband will be voided, so don’t worry if you forget it. Replacement wristbands will NOT be mailed out. This is to make sure you get your wristband in time and don’t miss out on the event!

If you ordered your tickets on or before May 19, your festival wristbands will be mailed to you. Most wristbands have already been sent out, so check your mailbox! If you ordered your tickets on May 20 or later, you’ll have to go to Will Call to pick up your wristband. Your wristband is your entry into the festival and can only be redeemed with your PDF ticket (printed or on phone), the card used to purchase the ticket(s), and a photo ID. Please note the photo ID must match the name on the card used for purchase.

CCMF takes cash, credit or you can link your wristband to your credit card. No need for top-ups. If you use your wristband it charges directly to your credit card.

Did you order multiple wristbands?
Assign a wristband to each of your event buddies and have them each create a new account with their information before arriving at the event. Please do NOT register someone else’s wristband for them. This helps us track your unique wristband in case it gets lost or damaged.

What you need to know about your wristband
We know you’re excited to put on your wristband, but make sure to wait until the morning of the event – once you put it on, you won’t be able to remove it, as it locks instantly! Here’s what else you need to know about your wristband:

  • Your wristband will be scanned at each access point to gain entry. Access points include event entrance, VIP, Super VIP, and Ultimate Experience entrances.
  • Only wristbands purchased from the official event website and ticketing partners are valid, do not purchase wristbands from third parties.
  • Take care of your wristband and treat it like cash.
  • Wristbands are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • Wristbands will be treated as void if tampered with or removed. Do not cut it.
  • Do not remove your wristband until after the final day of the event, or else you won’t be allowed back in.

Got questions?

Check out all the FAQ’s on wristbands while you’re waiting on those bad boys to show up!

Need additional help?

If you have questions before the festival, please e-mail info@ccmf.com.

If you have questions on-site at the festival, please speak with a representative at Customer Care or a Top-Up Station. Not sure how to make your first purchase? No worries – go to any vendor stand and a staff member will help you make your first cashless purchase.

How to put your Wristband on correctly


STEP 1: Grab your registered wristband. Place it on your RIGHT wrist. DO NOT tighten yet.
STEP 2: Place only one finger between the band and your wrist. Ask your event buddy to help you tighten the wristband to a comfortable position.
STEP 3: Your event buddy will grip the tail while holding the plastic body. Slowly pull the cloth through the wristband’s lock to tighten, ensuring that it is securely fastened. It is a one-way locking mechanism.

And that’s it, you are all set! DO NOT cut the tail of the wristband or tamper with it. DO NOT remove it. Keep your wristband on at all times throughout the duration of the event.

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