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Ticket Authentication and Transfers

If you’re looking to transfer your tickets to another CCMFer, we’re here to help oversee a safe and secure process. Here’s how this works:

Step 1 – Find a buyer/or seller for your tickets. Exchange contact information and agree upon a price for the tickets in question.

Step 2 – The current owner of the tickets will fill out this form to notify CCMF that both parties are interested in transferring the order in question. If the order is part of a payment plan, please submit the order ID from the final payment, completing your order. A CCMF team member will authenticate the order in question, and then contact both parties. This is done to verify the current ticket holder is looking to sell their tickets, and to inform the purchaser of their authenticity.

Step 3 – The purchaser should provide the current ticket holder with the funds for the ticket. For security, we recommend using a service like PayPal. Once the ticket holder has received the money, they will inform CCMF that they are ready to transfer the tickets. Once this request has been made, CCMF will modify the order and fully transfer the order to the purchaser, and notify all parties that the transfer is complete.

Please allow at least 1-3 business days for your request to be reviewed and processed.

Please Note: If you are looking to sell only a portion of your order, please contact our transfers team first at transfers@ccmf.com.

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