June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC

Buy Now, Pay Later

Enjoy the Show and Spread Out Those Payments!

How Simple Payments Work

  1. Choose what level of awesomeness you’re looking to experience at CCMF! Scroll to the “Payment Plan” section on ticketing page and click: Purchase Tickets
  2. Make your deposit payment at checkout to lock-in your ticket and pricing.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on how to make payments #2 and #3. See the “Simple Payment Plan Breakdown” chart for details.
  4. After all payments have been made, you will receive a confirmation email and we will ship your wristband to the shipping address you provided upon checkout.

Please Note: Regardless of the date of your initial payment/deposit, payments #2 and #3 will always be due on the dates outlined in the chart.  Additionally, you will not receive your ticket unless all payments are made. All payments are non-refundable.


Simple Payment Plan Breakdown

Ticket Pay #1
Pay #2 Pay #3
4 Day Pass: GA $83.50* $62.62* $62.62**
4 Day Pass: MSVIP $154.36* $115.77* $115.77**
4 Day Pass: Super VIP $505.38* $379.04* $379.04**

* Plus taxes & fees; Initial deposit may change based on date of purchase | ** Plus taxes & fees

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