June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

Diamonds & Whiskey

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CCMF 2019 Battle of the Bands Winner – Charlotte

Where the swamps of Louisiana meet the hills of North Carolina, a new sound emerges.

Made up of singer Jenny Webb’s swamp-siren vocals, Von Bury’s finely chopped and grinding guitar riffs, Elena Martin’s smoldering hot violin licks and anchored and swung by drummer Christopher McKinney’s beats and thumping toms.

Hands Down is the name of their soon to be release debut single; with its combination of barroom beauty and backwoods danger, it’s a potent blend of the previous groups the band members did time in: For Jenny… Henry River Honey; Von Bury… Lovesucker, Red All Over, and Chelsea Daggers; for Elena… Twenty Ride and Finnegan Bell; and for Chris… The Coming Dawn, and Blue Static, among others.

It’s hard to believe they have only been together since 2016; every set they play features lovingly crafting anthems like Hands Down, the band’s first, sonorous blast of a single… a great “tear your playhouse down” vengeance song. Whiskey Down, one of the first tunes Jenny ever scribed, is a bluesy lament to a lush who preferred the bottom of a bottle to her embrace, while Hero fires up a maelstrom of grit and guts against Jenny’s battle with Lyme disease. Rebel Child goes deep into the country for some ‘shine-fueled’ raging, and key track 25 to Life is an achingly empathetic reach out from Jenny to her brother in the struggles he’s had with drugs and the pains of their shared childhood.

They may have been brought together in a contemporary way (good old Craigslist), but Diamonds and Whiskey forged their musical bond through living trials and deep life passion. Before they met, Jenny came from the country, suffering but determined to make music; Von Bury had been absorbing the influences of more abrasive and art-rock sounds of the city. Since adding Elena and Chris, they have become the true voice that their songs deserve and if you get the chance to see them play you will not be disappointed.

For further description of the Diamonds and Whiskey alchemy, Von Bury offers up handles “Classic alt-country, swampy New Orleans-rooted rock with an indie sensibility.” “It’s a true-blood kind of sound,” Jenny says. They tap into the red, red blood of American music, touching base with everything intoxicating and heart-palpitating from The Zac Brown Band, The Black Angels, Allison Kraus, Tanya Tucker, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Darius Rucker, Garth Brooks and even a little AC/DC and the Cranberries as ingredients in the mix that creates this original, highly driven and determined band’s sound.

Jenny loves her sangria and her guns, and that explains both the raw-sugar pleasuring and forceful kick of her mighty words. She brings her story to life in lyrics, and the band woodsheds the entire song with her till it’s something brand new they can all be super proud of.

To complete the team, the band has recently signed a management deal with British born, Paul K Saunders of New Music Lives who brings to the band more than 30 years’ experience working in all aspects of the music business. One of Paul’s first actions as manager was to connect the band with award winning Canadian record producer, Dale Penner of Paradise Alley Production, who specializes in the development of a band’s overall sound. The band is now working with Dale on their next album, scheduled for release soon.

Diamonds and Whiskey is as valuable as their name implies; it’s hard-cost music, and worth experiencing no matter how melancholy or angry it gets, as every moment can spill over into a rich feeling of good changes coming, and life well worth loving.

Get to know Diamonds and Whiskey now… so one day you can say you knew them way back when.

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