June 9-12, 2022Myrtle Beach, SC

Clear Bag Policy CCMF 2019!

We are 3 weeks away from the 5th Anniversary of CCMF! Being so close, we wanted to take a moment to clear things up about our bag policy. This should answer all your questions!

The two things most important to us are making sure all of our fans can quickly and easily get into the festival, and feel comfortable and safe while they’re here. In an effort to address both, we’ve adopted a policy this year which mirrors countless other festivals of our size, as well as what’s typically experienced and major sports stadiums across the country. This year at CCMF, all bags brought into the festival grounds must be made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC, and must not be larger than 12” x 6” x 12” in size. If you want to buy a CCMF clear bag, they will be available for $10 inside the gates at our merch stations or you can get them at Will Call which is right across the street from the Fest entrance on Thursday, June 6 as soon as Will Call opens. See here for hours and location: https://carolinacountrymusicfest.com/contact/will-call/. We may have them sooner at Will Call. We’re waiting on the shipment! The only exception to that will be for small clutch bags (bags which are roughly the size of your hand; no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”) and bags which are used to hold medically necessary items.

So why do the bags have to be clear?
With the bags being clear, it allows our security team to examine every bag quickly and easily. Instead of taking a few minutes for every attendee with a bag (which hundreds of bags can lead to a long time spent waiting in lines during peak hours) our security staff are able to get each CCMFer into the show in a matter of seconds. This ultimately means less time in the lines waiting to get in, and more time in the fest having a good time!

I don’t have a clear bag though! What am I supposed to do?
We understand that a lot of you may not have a clear bag. To assist, we’ll be offering approved clear bags on site, as well as at our will call office before the fest. To get you from the car, to the show, simply put what you need to bring into the fest in a one-gallon clear freeze bag (like a Ziploc bag), and then you can transfer the contents into your festival bag when you get here.

We understand these changes can be a point of frustration for some of you, and we will continue to do what we can to help make this transition as easy as possible you all of you. If you have any questions, please contact us on social, or email us at info@ccmf.com.


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