June 10-13, 2021Myrtle Beach, SC

Putting Your Love For CCMF in Ink

Hey, y’all!

We have a story to tell about some hardcore, dedicated CCMFer’s! Some people will take pictures of the festival experiences, others will make sure that they take home some kind of souvenir from each year. These two thought out of the box and made sure that CCMF would always be a part of their lives by getting a variation of our awesome logo TATTOOED on them!

We caught up with them to get the details on what sparked the idea to get this done!

“To give a bit of a backstory, my husband and I have been to every CCMF since the first one. The first time we went, it was totally unplanned. We just happened to be in Myrtle Beach during the festival and my husband surprised me with 2-day passes. After that, we made sure we had our place booked for the next year not long after we left. It’s been that way ever since! This past year, we decided to make it an every-year thing. It feels like the festival was made for us. There was a cup floating around that our tattoos resemble. We joked about getting the tattoos last year after we left, so we never actually did it. This year, I brought it up about two weeks before the festival and we went and got them done! Now, we truly do have a memory that will last a lifetime!”

We love hearing these stories about how much the festival means to y’all and the amazing ways y’all choose to commemorate the memories!

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